Mr. Mark Henry, M A LPC

Stop Struggling and Start Thriving in your Life, Work, and Relationships. If you're like many of the Portland men and women I've counseled, you're torn between the struggle of meeting the demands of your work, family, and relationships, while still getting your own needs met. Most of my clients didn't know what to do and weren't sure about counseling. Getting on the path to better relationships, a satisfying sexual life, vitality, and enjoyment, took personal courage and a strong dose of encouragement from their spouse, partner, boy/girlfriend, or friend to give me a call. Maybe this sounds like you. I know that the decision to seek help is a complicated one. You don't have to keep struggling in silence telling yourself this is just the way life is and to just push on through, suck it up. Time and again, through my own experience, research, and counseling people in midlife transitions, divorces, and couples, I've witnessed that a greater connection to yourself, your life, and others leads to feeling energized, more fulfilled, creative, successful at work,and healthier. Don't settle for less in your life. Email me, or call me at 888.628.5959. Together, we can get you on the right track to thriving in your life, not just surviving.

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