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The Village
965 NE Wiest Way, No. 2
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 388-5660
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Conner (541) 323-2000 (541) 388-5660

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I have evening and weekend appointments.

Dr. Conner is a psychologist who has real world experience and a broad background. As a youth he worked on a farm, and later as a scuba diver, a logger and a fire fighter. He completed his bachelor of science in Forestry and Engineering at Oregon State in 1980. His experience working in the outdoors with youth and adults who were at-risk inspired him to pursue a career in counseling and psychology. After working in the Pacific Northwest for the U.S Forest Service he returned to Oregon State completing a master of science in counseling and guidance in 1985. Continuing his education, Dr. Conner completed a doctor of psychology program at Pacific University in 1989.

From 1989 to 1997, Dr. Conner worked at Kaiser Permanente as a psychologist in primary medical care, regional hospitals and emergency departments, health education, and three mental health clinics. Dr. Conner completed his residency and a post-doctoral Fellowship in clinical psychology at the Kaiser graduate medical education program in 1995. He obtained his license in 1995 to practice psychology in Oregon.

Dr. Conner then joined Mentor Professional Corporation in 1996 - a private group mental health practice in Portland, Oregon. During the next three years he worked as a psychologist with patients and consulting with law enforcement and the airlines industry. An active outdoorsman, Dr. Conner moved to Bend Oregon in 1999 becoming the clinical director for Sagewalk, an intervention program for youth.

At his private practice in Bend, since 2002, Dr. Conner provides clinical counseling, therapy and diagnostic services to individual adults, couples, parents and adolescents. Developing a national reputation, his diagnostic and youth intervention practice draws parents of youth at-risk from throughout the United States.

In 2003, Dr. Conner began research nationally on youth at risk; creating new online behavioral screening and information gathering technologies. Since 1995 Dr. Conner has trained over 2000 mental health professionals on topics ranging from professional ethics to crisis intervention. In 2006, he published the first and only comprehensive crisis intervention reference for parents who have youth at-risk. In 2006, Dr. Conner was invited to the Republic of China to provide training to Asian mental health professionals and counselors. He was subsequently selected in 2007 to co-direct and design Healing Journey; a residential intervention program for youth in China.

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