Norma Schell, Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology

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Downtown Portland
1017 SW Morrison, Suite 203, 97205
Portland, OR 97205
(503) 890-8898
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Norma (503) 890-8898

Accepting new clients: Yes
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I have a strong interest in helping others discover their own personal truths, to get free of constraining cultural values as well as minimizing beliefs & assumptions. 

I encourage people to feel their own feelings, to think independently and to make choices that enhance their own lives & relationships.  In the case of those diagnosed with “diseases,” I encourage dialogue with the voice of their bodies & their psyches rather than viewing symptoms as unchangeable or cast in stone.
Every challenge, every day can offer opportunity to explore, evolve & reconcile old beliefs & assumptions into a greater understanding of who we really are.  We can be  creative respondents to our physical and emotional experiences rather than victims to them.  

I learned first hand, in my challenging bout with MS, that we all have un-lived potential, health, meaning and purpose in life.
I  enjoy creating a positive working relationships with those, from all walks of life, who wish to grow, change and heal.

Do call me at: 503-890-8898 or email:

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