Karen Joy Campbell, MSW LCSW

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SE Morrison St. & Grand
516 SE Morrison St., Suite 310
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 998-7030
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Professional Focus
If my child needs therapy am I a bad parent?

Professional Focus

        Parenting challenging children/teens

        Divorce/Separation issues, school problems and building self-esteem.

        Blended families, step-parenting and family transitions

        Gender identity/Sexual orientation issues with children adolescents, adults and couples.

        Hispanic cross-cultural issues

I work with gay and straight families to help them unlock their full potential to live healthy, balanced lives.
I approach counseling as a collaborative relationship between client/therapist where personal growth occurs within the context already existing strengths in the client. In my practice I provide a safe, respectful environment for you to increase your self-awareness, maintain deeper connections with others and find more balance in your daily life.

I use thoughtful exploration, art, sand tray/play therapy and creative problem-solving to assist clients in the counseling process.

My goal is to encourage children, teens and adults to transform their lives through self-expression by tapping into their true potential.


If my child needs therapy am I a bad parent?


Absolutely not! Donít be hard on yourself! You are a human being, as your parents were. We were not born with parenting tools and an instruction booklet. Our parents wrote the booklet for us, deleted what no longer applied (what they did not want to repeat another generation) and showed us how to carry through the instructions.


Our own parents equip us with the parenting tools THEY learned from their parents; from them we learn many aspects of parenting. Parents often learn new tricks and strategies along the road of parenthood, which their parents were unaware of. The resourcefulness of parents is truly amazing to me.


There is nothing wrong with you as a parent(s). You may just need to add some new tools to your parenting kit or sharpen some you have already been using. I can help you expand your collection of tools and help YOU restore the balance in your family.



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